CCTV Installation

Monitor Your Home or Business from Virtually Anywhere FOR FREE! The Most Reasonable Professional Solutions for Live Video Surveillance Over the Internet!

All you really need is a computer or a cell phone with Internet service, and you could be checking your property from a public library on the other side of the world, for example. Our DVR’s are capable of recording weeks of continuous video that can be later downloaded, emailed, or recorded on a CD/DVD.

CCTV systems are invaluable in tackling crimes such as theft, assault and criminal damage. CCTV is becoming increasing useful in monitoring homes and businesses particularly with the fusion of CCTV systems and network/internet technologies.Remote monitoring of CCTV systems via network links and the internet is becoming increasingly popular allowing viewing over desktop, laptops and compatible mobile phone equipment alike, making access to live streaming video possible from almost anywhere with internet or 3G mobile access.

This is a “Must Have” and a small price to pay for a piece of mind and a longer, healthier live for today’s busy and full of stress environment that surrounds us. You can Save Big on Insurance too! Most insurance companies now offer significant discounts on your home or business insurance policy if your property is under CCTV Video Surveillance! Many of our customers have also greatly decreased their loss from employee theft and other crime! One of the best long-therm investments you could ever make!

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Computer Repairs

As with all electronic repairs Tech Friends offer a fully mobile service. The are 2 ways in which your computer can be repaired:

1) We offer an hourly rate onsite repair no call out. A full 1st hour rate will be charged on any call out.

2) Or we can take the computer back to the workshop and give you a quote. This option can be more cost effective as we are not tied down to 1 job.


All Data is fully backed up where possible before a repair is carried out. The are odd occasions where data may have been lost or damaged and can not be retrieved they are as follows:

1) If a hard drive failure has occurred, however there are ways of retrieving the data off a faulty hard drive although not guaranteed and this could prove time consuming.

2) If a virus has attacked your system this may have harmed your files.

3) Dropping your hard disc can result in loss or permanent damage to you data.

It is advised to backup your valuable files regularly!


All computer repairs are fully guaranteed subject to our terms and conditions.Contact us and give us a try we are sure you will be pleased with our services.


Traditional Cable Installation

We specialize in providing top quality structured data cabling with all installations being carried out by fully qualified engineers. Our engineers have experience in hundreds of installations, making the standard second to none. We have the experience and knowledge to meet all your cabling and networking requirements. All connections are tested individually to ensure reliability when the network is commissioned.
We also can arrange a number of other services including Phone system installations of any make, support, Hard and Software installation.

Wireless Networking

Wireless Networking has in the last couple of years have become a serious contender over traditional systems. It not only saves you drilling holes every where, having cables installed and all the mess that goes with it. It takes less time to install as well as it is fast. It lets you roam around factory floors, office blocks public places seamlessly with your Laptop and other Mobile devices.


A free Consultation is available to help you decide what your requirements are. Any  work carried out is done at an hourly rate, which would be agreed prior to installation.